Suppliers in India

Manufacturing products in India

Brands using suppliers in India to source their products is starting to occur more frequently as the country continues to grow as a global force in manufacturing. Australian brands continue to outsource products, and with such an outstanding reputation in industries like clothing, textiles, phones and household electronics, there is a reason why its such a sort after option. Different industries are finding themselves becoming more and more specialised, with regional production hubs across India.

Indian suppliers are known for their technical prowess and quality and are often sort after due to the amount of English-speaking procurement officers. Removing the communication barrier allows many Australian brands to communicate more freely with their production managers. Many factory and production managers also speak English, breaking down the communication barriers with western brands. With an increase in the working age population over the coming decades, the growth of India is  as a hub for production is set to continue.

A strong local textile production industry means India is also a large exporter of non-finished goods to Australia as well as other countries around the world.

Manufacturing industries in India

  • Clothing and textiles
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Phones
  • Luxury Goods

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