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About Us

Software for companies to collaboratively develop and order products to be manufactured.

What we do

Our simple, powerful software helps you manage your products in a central location. Born out of the need for a better, faster way to create new products, MetaFuro is on a mission to make it easy for anyone to take a product idea and turn it into a successful, sustainable product.


An acronym for the ‘Most Effective Tactic Available’.

The origin of the word meta comes from the Greek prefix and preposition meta, which means “after” or “beyond.”


In Japanese Furō means ‘Flow’.

Japan played a major influence in optimising the art of lean manufacturing and streamlining supply chains.


Inspired by lean principles, MetaFuro is designed for brands to optimise their supply chain, we provide you with the tools to make products customers love.  

MetaFuro is designed to be proactive with better visibility to see beyond, while reflecting back for continuous optimisation. Simply, we help companies become more profitable and efficient, while reducing their impact on the environment.


Who we are

A team of experienced developers, designers and lovers of quality products. The MetaFuro team has been developing software solutions for supply chains since 2012 both here in Australia, in the United States and South America.

You are in good company

We work with everyone from small to medium teams to global companies. If you’re developing thousands of products or you’re just starting out, MetaFuro can help you meet your product goals.
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