Suppliers in Indonesia

Manufacturing products in Indonesia

One of the leading manufacturing exporters in the world, suppliers in Indonesia provide a high level of quality goods. Manufacturing that is based in Indonesia is often centred around the import of cotton from local countries like Australia and New Zealand as well as further abroad from the United States and Brazil.

Local yarn-spinners are world class and utilise both traditional and modern techniques. Local Indonesia industry in hubs like Bali are able to change these imported raw materials to generate textiles and products in order to produce finished goods locally as well as exporting textiles to Chinese Manufacturers.

Indonesian Wholesale Locations

Indonesian suppliers are generally based on Java Island around the west coast with more and more manufacturing hubs opening around central and eastern Java. Suppliers in Jakarta are the primary exporters from Indonesia, with a high level of factories concentrated in this area of the country.

Textiles, clothing and apparel are primarily exported to America, Europe and Japan with a primary supply chain flow due to numbers and close business relations. Australian brands are also looking to increase their business in Indonesia to reduce the strain of long-distance logistics and transportation costs both financially and on the environment.

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