Suppliers in Victoria

Manufacturing products in Victoria

Manufacturing in Victoria

Victorian suppliers make up for a large amount of the states export services. Manufacturing is one of the most important parts of the Victorian economy as it provides substantial growth to jobs, the economy and exports. Suppliers in Victoria work across a range of industries like construction, defence, food, medical and pharmaceutical as well as new technologies and fashion and apparel. With such a diverse range of manufacturing, Victoria is well equipped to supply brands with local goods.

Manufacturing hubs for clothing, beauty and self-care products are available around the Gipps Street area in Melbourne.  

Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

With such a strong fashion presence in Victoria, wholesale clothing suppliers provide an option for brands to whitelabel a range for their own sale. Wholesale fashion hubs in Collingwood and West Melbourne allow for b2b sales for members in trade.

Melbourne Fashion Brands

Melbourne based fashion brands are a large part of the local economy, with an increasing number of Australian customers looking for locally made goods. With its presence being felt on the world stage, the local fashion industry in Melbourne is fast becoming a hub for influential Australian brands. Melbourne based clothing brands are among the most sort after locally made options for Australian customers.

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Victoria is one of the country’s best locations for research and development of medical technologies, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. The manufacturing expertise and infrastructure of new drugs, devices and health solutions make it a highly sought after destination for companies in Australia and overseas. 

Manufacturing Technology in Melbourne

Technology is one of the biggest manufacturing sectors in Victoria and Melbourne is home to more than half of Australia’s top 20 technology companies. Melbourne’s technological strengths are in software development, digital gaming, social networks, cloud technology and data analytics. This sector is innovative and constantly creating new and exciting technology that distributes to both local and global markets. 

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