Suppliers in Tasmania

Manufacturing products in Tasmania

With a large number of suppliers in Tasmania involved in the food, agricultural and aqua-cultural industries, there is no surprise the state has a strong local dining scene. While food, fish and more recently gin and whiskey have dominated the market, there is also a vibrant fashion, clothing and personal care industry. With access to many fresh, natural raw materials, many producers and manufacturers see the advantage of setting up in Tasmania with the local designer industry continuing to grow.

Other product categories that are distributed in Tasmania vary far and wide with the island needing to carry products shipped from the mainland to streamline distribution. With electrical goods suppliers and textile and fabric wholesalers, Tasmanian locals can find anything they need.

Local Distributors in Tasmania

Suppliers in Tasmania are a popular option for small businesses and brands who want access to view products from their distributors and manufacturers locally. While many Australian distributors have outlets on the mainland in nearby Melbourne and Sydney, Tasmanian brands gaining access to suppliers in Hobart in the south and Launceston in the state’s north allow for greater transparency in products and ranges. Launceston provides a number of wholesaler options in the city area for textile and materials while Hobart also has a growing number of garden and homewares outlets.

Tasmanian Clothing Companies

With more than one Tasmanian clothing company, the port city of Devonport gives access to local wholesalers who receive goods from the mainland and further abroad. Mainland Australian wholesalers provide Tasmanian distributors with the ability to have a local presence for the buyers on the island. Fashion brands using locally sourced materials and textiles are also becoming more popular with Tasmanian customers. With the abundance of local natural resources and raw material wholesalers on the island, Tasmanian brands have a number of options to create their product range.

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