Suppliers in South Australia

Manufacturing products in South Australia

Manufacturing in South Australia

South Australian suppliers have a long history of large scale manufacturing in the automotive and marine industries. With a number of larger car companies outsourcing overseas, many manufacturing facilities are becoming more niche in their nature to accommodate the changing landscape.

Suppliers in South Australia also rely heavily on the wine industry for a large portion of their manufacturing. While automotive manufacturing is slowing in the region, there is still a strong desire for South Australian made products like wine both locally and for international export.

Adelaide also boasts a growing fashion wholesale district in the city centre with a number of suppliers and distributors located there.

Types of South Australian Suppliers

As mentioned, South Australia has been a traditional manufacturing hub for large scale industries. However with local events like Adelaide Fringe festival encouraging local design, fashion and apparel manufacturing in South Australia is becoming more and more common.

With Adelaide providing a hub for fashion icons like RM Williams and Rossi in the clothing accessories and shoe market, more regional centres also concentrate on items for farming equipment, animal handling and the food industry.

More recently, South Australian food suppliers have gained more support from the government in order to provide more sustainable options for manufacturing in the food industry.

Adelaide Fashion Suppliers

Wholesale clothing suppliers in Adelaide are mostly concentrated in the city centre as well as in North Adelaide with access to viewings and local purchasing for trade contacts. With a number of fashion outlets in the city, you can find locally made products or even source from cultivated seasonal ranges in order to stock your brand with quality garments from around the world.

With a number of options for suppliers in Adelaide, make sure to drop us a message to find suppliers in South Australia for your business today.

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