Suppliers in Brisbane

Manufacturing products in Brisbane

Brisbane suppliers, wholesalers and clothing manufacturers are spread out all over the city and provide a range of products for brands and consumers in Australia and overseas to buy directly from. With its popular airport that provides easy access to the rest of the country and a large number of places overseas, Brisbane provides brands, suppliers and wholesalers with a huge market to sell to.  These suppliers create a range of products that are either manufactured locally in Brisbane, usually in large warehouse facilities or created overseas and sold to local suppliers. 

Fashion Suppliers

Fashion suppliers in Brisbane make up a large part of the local economy, with an increasing number of brands and consumers looking to source and create their products locally. Brisbane fashion week gives local manufacturers and brands the ability to showcase their garments to an active and passionate market. Women’s clothing, accessories, shoes and high-end luxury items, have a number of hubs in Brisbane that feature suppliers, wholesalers, showrooms and clothing boutiques. One of these hubs is in West End on the city’s south, and the suppliers there sell women’s fashion available to onsell, rebrand and create curated ranges from.

Many of the local women’s fashion brands reflect the up and coming style of the city itself to create alternative patterns, boho dresses, and quirky and vintage inspired fashion. 

Wholesale Cosmetics in Brisbane

Beauty suppliers, wholesalers and distributors in Brisbane provide a range of locally manufactured and imported goods for resale opportunity in-store and online.  A large number of these cosmetic wholesalers in Brisbane have their stores and warehouses in Fortitude Valley, a popular suburb only a kilometre from the Brisbane CBD. 

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