Suppliers in Queensland

Manufacturing products in Queensland

Food Suppliers in Queensland

Suppliers in Queensland are among some of the best in the world for fresh food and agricultural supplies. With many locally grown raw materials being exported, Queensland has a strong manufacturing and agricultural industry.

Mangos, Beef and wool are several main exports from Queensland suppliers with a range of channels both locally and internationally that are utilised.

Wholesale suppliers in Queensland

While more traditional industries are popular in the state, cosmetics wholesalers in Queensland are also a growing industry with a range of suppliers in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Manufacturing and distribution hubs for the beauty and skincare industry create a range of products that are either manufactured locally in large industrial warehouse facilities or created offshore and sold in a distribution arrangement.

Other distributors and suppliers in Queensland include fashion importers and distributors with outlets and hubs for trade and industry buyers in Brisbane. These Queensland fashion suppliers provide a cultivated range of seasonal items for resale through online and traditional retail outlets.

With a range of options for brands to order ready made and OEM products to brands having discussions and becoming involved in the design process, there are all types of fashion suppliers available in Brisbane.

Regions for Queensland Suppliers

With such a large area for Queensland suppliers to operate in, it is no surprise that regional coastal centres like Rockhampton, Bowen, Cairns and Mackay provide the majority of raw food supplies. Areas like the Darling Downs and scenic rim also provide a large range of raw materials for food and textile design.

Conversely, more metropolitan centres like Brisbane and the Gold Coast have a range of industries like apparel and cosmetics. With a number of local suppliers available to Queensland brands, reach out using our simple contact form below to find your suppliers.

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