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Manufacturing in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory covers more than 40% of the country’s land mass and a number of natural advantages and industry strengths in major manufacturing sectors. The five largest industries in the state are construction, mining, public administration and safety, transport, postal and warehousing and healthcare and social assistance. There are opportunities in industries like agriculture and aquaculture, technology, remote renewable energy, eco-tourism and tropical medical research.

The Northern Territory’s proximity to Asia enables investors and overseas businesses to discover and export all of the resources and products the state has to offer.

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Food and Horticulture Industries

The Northern Territory is one of the best states in Australia for food and horticulture industries as there is abundant land, where suitable water and soil resources co-exist. There are differences in temperature, humidity and rainfall within the regions in the Northern Territory that provide production for horticultural products and different crops. These industries produce mangoes, bananas, table grapes, melons, Asian vegetables, forestry crops such as hay and nursery cut flowers. 

Beef Cattle Industry

Valued at more than $280 million a year, the beef cattle industry is one of the states most valuable sectors. The Northern Territory is home to more than 215 larger cattle stations and hundreds of other smaller stations and in 2018 approximately 580,654 live cattle were exported in Australia and overseas. One of the reasons why this industry is so prominent in the Northern Territory is that the government actively supports the industry by working on providing research and support to increase production, opening up new markets and building sustainable operations. 


Tourism is a massive industry in the Northern Territory as it is a very popular destination for domestic and international tourists. Iconic places such as Uluru and Kakadu, as well as diverse landscapes, wildlife, waterfalls and a rich indigenous culture, make the state an incredibly popular tourist destination. The tourism industry also has strong links to other sectors in the Northern Territory including food services, accommodation, retail, transport and culture.

The Space Industry

There is an incredibly interesting opportunity to be apart of the growing space industry in the Northern Territory and be involved in launch facilities (stratospheric ballooning and rockets), creating testing infrastructure, and grounding station systems. The development of Australia’s first commercial space launch facility in the Northern Territory has led to a big increase in the state’s manufacturing sector. 

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