Suppliers in Sydney

Manufacturing products in Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s financial, shipping, commercial and manufacturing capital and mainly has a service economy fuelled by commerce, retailing, entertainment, transport and tourism. These suppliers create a range of products that are either manufactured locally in Sydney, usually in large warehouse facilities or created and imported from overseas. With an international airport only 8 kms away from the CBD, Sydney provides brands, suppliers and wholesalers with a huge market to sell to. 

Fashion Suppliers

With many people considering Sydney to be the fashion capital of Australia it’s not a surprise that it has some of the most popular fashion wholesalers in the country. There are a number of well-known Australian clothing wholesalers located in Surry Hills, on the outskirts of the CBD, making it one of the best hubs in Sydney for distributors and suppliers. Sustainability is becoming more and more popular in Sydney, and many wholesalers are embracing this, making them very sought after.

Cosmetic Suppliers

Cosmetic wholesalers are very popular in Sydney, with skincare, makeup, nail polish and hairdressing supplies being the most sought after products from suppliers and wholesalers. Sydney also has an annual Beauty Expo, that brings together like-minded people in the industry, giving brands and suppliers the opportunity to connect within the industry.

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