Suppliers in New South Wales

Manufacturing products in New South Wales

Manufacturing in New South Wales

New South Wales has the largest manufacturing sector in Australia, accounting for 31.3% of manufacturers in the country. Suppliers in NSW have demand in a range of industries like food and beverages, energy, electronics, marine, cosmetics and appliances as well as up and coming opportunities in agribusiness, fashion and apparel and recycling and renewable energy. 

Technological Wholesalers in Sydney

Sydney is home to a massive hub of technological wholesalers, thanks to the government’s push for growth in the industry. There is an innovative ‘startup culture’ meaning that these new companies are looking for suppliers and distributors to use in the area, and more often than not they use local Sydney wholesalers.

Food and Beverage Wholesalers

There are a number of suppliers in New South Wales that offer to distribute food and beverages all around Australia. They provide a range of different food and beverage options and the majority supply to retailers and food service businesses. There are also a number of confectionery wholesalers that supply chocolate, chips and snacks, lollies and other treats throughout New South Wales and Australia. 

Fashion Wholesalers in Sydney

A number of well-known and popular Australian fashion wholesalers are located in Surrey Hills on Kippax Street, making it one of the best hubs in Australia for distributors and suppliers. There you can find high-end, trendy and unique brands that stock the latest apparel and accessories. These brands are some of the most sort after locally made options for Australian customers. Find fashion suppliers in Australia.

Cosmetic Wholesalers in NSW

Cosmetic wholesalers have a very strong presence in NSW, with skincare, makeup, hairdressing supplies and nail polish being very popular products to distribute and supply to local and overseas retail stores and companies, chemists and supermarket chains.

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