Suppliers in The Australian Capital Territory

Manufacturing products in The Australian Capital Territory

Canberra is both the metropolitan city and wholesale hub for suppliers in the Australian Capital Territory. With many larger areas in Sydney and Melbourne, suppliers in Canberra can provide a local option for brands, companies and entrepreneurs to discover and have showings for new products and ranges. With plenty of natural resources in the region including raw materials and a large agricultural sector, the industry in the ACT for wholesalers is relatively large for their size.

Wholesaler Hubs in Canberra

Manuka in the southern district of Canberra is one of the main hubs for wholesalers in the region. Some of the products that suppliers in the area sell include fashion accessories, clothing, food and textiles. With a precinct in Manuka setup for brands to visit, suppliers in the ACT are able to service local businesses with an on the ground approach.

Kenny, one of Canberra’s northern suburbs is another hub for wholesalers, mostly concentrating on electrical supplies and food products. With many of the suppliers open to trade, distributors in the area are looking to help local brands and small businesses extend or replenish their stock and product range. Kenny suppliers are well known to locals in Canberra.

Advantages of Local Suppliers

The flexibility in having showrooms in the region allows for brands to see and buy products in person without having to go further abroad to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or even Brisbane. With local suppliers in the ACT, businesses also have access to product knowledge from the sellers and get the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback on designs and product ranges.

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