Suppliers in Australia

Manufacturing products in Australia

Manufacturing in Australia

Australian suppliers provide a wide range of brands and companies with a local option for manufacturing their products. From skincare and beauty products manufactured in Queensland, to fashion, apparel and accessories in Victoria and New South Wales, Australian manufacturers are among some of the best in the world.

With a large industry with local workers, Australian manufacturing can be more expensive than overseas options like China, India and Vietnam where workers costs are lower. However, if you include other expenses such as logistics, quality of products, production time and supply chain transparency, using local Australian suppliers may be the best option for your business.

Types of Australian Suppliers

Australia has a diverse range of suppliers from raw materials including wool and cotton to finished products like fake tan and designer handbags. While there is an increasing demand for locally sourced goods, customers also want to be able to trace the source of their products. This means that brands using local Australian suppliers often have an advantage over their competitors who outsource their production.

Some of the industries local suppliers in Australia are known for include:

  • Beauty and Skincare
  • Australian Clothing Brands
  • Organic Cotton and Wool
  • Wine and Grape production
  • Injection molding; and
  • Food and Beverage

With such a large country, shipping and freight can often factor into production costs as logistics can become an expensive part of locally manufactured goods. There is a large push from customers for brands to become even more transparent and local in their production services to try and negate these costs and impacts on the environment.

Regions for Suppliers in Australia

Australia has a wide range of suppliers including agricultural and raw material providers as well as more technical manufacturing systems. Below are some of the states in Australia who are known as having large manufacturing industries:

With South Australia traditionally a large car and boat building centre, many warehouses are moving towards more niche industries to continue the tradition of South Australia manufacturing. Conversely, in smaller hubs in Queensland like Brisbane and the Gold Coast, there are a number of boutique brands looking to get niche products made in Australia to capture a captive audience.

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