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January 10, 2020

How to price a product correctly

How do you price your new product correctly? Check out our 3 step guide to help remove the guesswork.


What is Product Validation?

Product validation is an important stage in the product development process that allows you to ensure the market has a need for your idea. Understanding how (and if) your product will fit in the market is known as product-market fit.

This process includes determining the group of people who will want your product, the branding you need to associate your product with as well as understanding if there is a need for it at all. Product Validation allows you to understand and even predict how successful your product will be.

While external factors like industry or social trends can change, there are ways to try to verify if your new product will succeed. With more data than ever before, online tools and market research can help you understand whether or not your product is a commercially viable.

Check out our product validation resources to find out more!

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